Supporting your research in proteomics, genomics, biochemistry, microbiology, environmental biology, bioprocessing, agricultural and food science.

Why TotalLab

We are a dynamic, personal business with over 25 years’ experience supporting your essential needs for life science research. We do this with basic and advanced software for visualising and quantifying the separation of proteins, DNA and RNA by 1D SDS PAGE and 2D gel electrophoresis.

TotalLab Ltd became a separate company in 2007 after being part of Nonlinear Dynamics since 1989.

Our purpose? Easy-to-use, high quality image analysis software to help you get results from core research techniques. We support over 2,600 software licences in private and public organisations around the world. You can talk directly with one of our customers on every continent to hear what they think about us and our software. Contact us for an introduction.

TotalLab Ltd. based in Newcastle upon Tyne
TotalLab Ltd is based in the Quayside area of Newcastle upon Tyne

Why choose TotalLab

  • Our software is so simple to use that you can download it and try it on your own data. We insist you shouldn’t just believe our marketing claims but test them for yourself in your lab.
  • Our software is vendor-neutral, analysing all common image file formats in one workflow. You only need to learn one software package whatever hardware supplier you prefer.
  • We are so confident that our software will give your research an advantage compared to competitor software we support you to trial it head-to-head on the same data set.
  • We have over 25 years’ experience supporting life science research. Our second ever customer Dr Phil Cash, is still with us today.
  • We provide you with personal support and always reply within 1 day of receiving a support question.
  • Our sales and marketing staff have a degree or higher in life sciences, critical for assessing your needs and providing relevant solutions.
Gel electrophoresis software available from TotalLab Ltd.

How can I get your software?

Direct from our product specialists. Your samples and research are always specific to your field and approach. We’ll help you find the right software solution for your projects. Provide your own images and we’ll give you a free on-line demonstration then follow up with a review of your analysis results. You can contact us to arrange a personal demonstration or download our software for 1D SDS PAGE image analysis or 2-DE gel image analysis and try it yourself.

Across the globe with local support. We have a network of carefully selected software distributors so you can get local help to purchase and use our software wherever you are. Your local supplier is backed up with product support directly by the people who develop your software. We want you to get results when you need them so we reply to technical questions from you or our distributors within one working day.

1D gel and 2D gel analysis software, fast, reproducible and reliable
Totallab software available globally for all your essential analysis needs.

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