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Frequently asked questions


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If you cannot find the answer to your question below. Ask it directly to our dedicated support team via email or phone.

General Questions

Can I use the software on multiple computers?

A single electronic license can only work on one computer but it is easy to move it around if you need to. Please contact us for pricing and more information on multiple licences.

Can I install on a machine with no internet connection?

Yes you can. It is called a manual installation and if there is no internet connection on registration then you just follow the instructions to get a license working. If you plan to use the machine offline then make sure it is unplugged on registration.

How can I purchase the software?

Our software is available directly from us. It is also available with a number of gel documentation systems. Please contact us at info@totallab.com to get more details.

I have further questions. Can I have a demonstration?

Yes we can organise an online demonstration with a member of our team if required. If you have your own images already then they can be used in any analysis we do. We are always interested in our customers questions.

Is it possible to have a trial of CLIQS 1D 21 CFR?

We do not have a trial version of CLIQS 1D 21 CFR.  However, you can download a trial of CLIQS and try the 1D analysis module which is used to analyse the data. Download a trial here. Contact us to arrange a demonstration of all the features in CLIQS 1D 21CFR.

What Operating Systems can I use?

All of the latest TotalLab products will work under Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, 32 and 64 bit versions.

What are the hardware requirements?

If you are buying a new system then the following PC specifications are suitable. If you are upgrading or replacing a PC on an existing system please contact us.

  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: Minimum 1Gb, recommended 2Gb
  • Free hard disk space: Recommended 5Gb

Why should I pay money for software?

TotalLab software is a lot easier to use than free software. It has more automation, more functionality and better reporting. Also you get high quality support from our experienced team. Please get in touch with our sales team to check out any current offers.

CLIQS 1D 21 CFR Questions

How is the data audited in CLIQS 1D 21 CFR?

There are three audit trails available which allows you to see who has edited what and when.

  1. Image history audit trail.
  2. Data audit reports.
  3. Security audit trail.

Can the data be altered outside the software?

No. Once an image has been committed to the secure folder it is accessible only through the version control module. The software has checks at various stages to protect against deliberate or accidental data corruption.

Can an analysis be archived?

Yes. Images and all the related data can be archived off into a .zip file by users with Supervisor privileges. This data can be restored by a Supervisor with all audit information intact.