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1D Gel Image For DNA Fingerprinting And Band Pattern Matching
1D Gel Image Software For Strain And Species Database Creation

Measure the molecular diversity of your samples with CLIQS 1D Pro, combining simple analysis of 1D gel images and a database of results for band pattern matching..

  • Identify sample relationships across multiple gels using dendrograms and data matrices.
  • Build up reference libraries of band patterns to share and classify new strains and samples.

Easily compare hundreds of samples

“Excellent software for the study of SSCP gel fingerprinting. Thanks to its characteristics we have been able to estimate the diversity index and similarity profile of our samples, we have also obtained the different matrices generated by the software. This software is also easy to use and very intuitive; this fact is very important and difficult to find in other similar software.”

Matteo Evangelisti, Ph.D.

Universita Tor Vergata, Italy

Your perfect research partner

CLIQS 1D Pro supports a variety of research applications, including:

  • Population Genetics
  • Sample Strain Analysis
  • Cultivar Experiments
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Exotoxicology
  • Microbiology
  • PFGE, DGGE, RFLP & ERIC PCR analysis


Why choose CLIQS 1D PRO?

  • We give you a free introductory training and a follow-up review of your results with a CLIQS 1D Pro specialist.
  • Your database is easy to manage and share with co-workers to facilitate collaboration on large projects
  • Technical support is included and provided by the people who develop your software.
  • You’re not tied to one hardware supplier, CLIQS 1D Pro analyses images from common scanners and gel docs
  • It’s guaranteed to work on your current Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8 and 10.

New version updates

Phoretix 1D Pro has a new name, CLIQS 1D Pro, and a new lower price. CLIQS stands for Core Laboratory Image Quantification Software in case you were wondering! When we made this change in May 2015 we also enhanced some of the features available. CLIQS 1D Pro is available for you to download and try with our help. You can open previous analysis results from Phoretix 1D Pro software. If you need more information, including new features included in CLIQS 1D Pro and how to upgrade your existing software, please contact our UK support team.

Old Product Name New Product Name
TotalLab Quant CLIQS
Phoretix 1D CLIQS
Phoretix 1D Pro CLIQS 1D Pro
TotalLab 1D 21 CFR CLIQS 1D 21 CFR
Phoretix 1D 21 CFR CLIQS 1D 21 CFR
1D Gel Image For DNA fingerprinting by Phoretix 1D Pro

CLIQS 1D Pro being used in the field

Case study of Phoretix 1D Pro in agricultural practices.
A collaborative study between the Environmental Sciences Institute, Florida and the University of Florida. The research focussed on the role of bacteria and fungi in sustainable agricultural practices. This required comparing bacterial and fungal communities in different types of crop rotations, fertilizer treatments and irrigation regimes. The main problem faced by the researchers was handing distortion in gels that were run and pooled. Even when gel images were acquired, analysis was difficult due to hard to use software, software that only used proprietary image formats or software that had limited analytical capacity. CLIQS 1D Pro provided a versatile tool to analyse all types of images and quickly and easily compare images from different experiments.

Case study of Phoretix 1D pro for varietal identification of wheat strains

Rapid wheat varietal identification using the Agilent 2100 bioanalyzer and automated pattern-matching. Accurate identification of wheat varieties is of paramount importance to the milling industry in many countries. Authentication of varieties is important for testing and maintaining grain quality to meet market requirements.

This Application Note describes how the Agilent 2100 bioanalyzer and the Protein 230 assay can be used in conjunction with CLIQS 1D Pro (previously known as Phoretix 1D Pro) to analyse wheat proteins for varietal identification. Research was carried out by the Royal Society for Public Health’s CCFRA Food Research Association

Specification for CLIQS 1D Pro

Operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.
Processor: 1.4 GHz
Memory: Minimum 1Gb, recommended 2Gb
Free hard disk space: Recommended 5Gb
File formats: .tif,.gel,.jpg,.bmp,.gif,.png,.img (Fuji)

CLIQS 1D PRO workflow

CLIQS 1D PRO allows you to measure relationships between hundreds of samples quickly and easily using a guided workflow. You are taken step-by-step through how to detect lanes and bands, store the results in a simple database and compare band-patterns. CLIQS 1D Pro has been developed for strain analysis using techniques such as DGGE, RFLP and PFGE and DNA fingerprinting.

Image pre-processing


  • Invert colours
  • Flip, crop and rotate.
  • Optimise contrast and brightness
1D Gel Image Software Screenshot Image Preprocessing Prior To Analysis

1D gel quantification


  • Automatic and manual lane creation
  • Background subtraction to remove noise
  • Detect bands automatically
  • Molecular Size calculation
  • Gaussian fit to bands
  • Quantity Calibration
  • Normalisation
1D Gel Image Software Screenshot Individual Gel Quantification

Comparing and clustering samples


  • Rf calibration to allow for gel running differences
  • Analysis of multiple gels to identify and compare banding patterns
  • Manage different lane sets within a single database
  • Generation of a dendrogram to clearly identify sample relationships
Samples added to the database can then be clustered and calibrated for comparison

Classification of unknown samples


  • Rf calibration to allow for gel running differences
  • Creation of a user defined library of known samples and respective banding patterns from multiple gels
  • Comparison of unknown samples to this library to identify the closest know sample
With the help of CLIQS, formerly Phoretix 1D Pro it is possible to classify unknown samples.

Export and share results


  • Annotate image
  • 3D view
  • Clip Gallery to capture publication quality images
  • PDF analysis reports
  • Export data tables to Excel
Band Pattern Matching for DNA Fingerprinting And Simple Data Transfer



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