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CLIQS 1D PRO – Technical Specification


CLIQS 1D Pro allows you to perform large dataset investigations in a fast and easy to use interface. The software you install combines analysis of 1D gel images with a database of results for band pattern matching. CLIQS 1D Pro is straight forward and offers you the best for value gel fingerprinting software.

CLIQS 1D Pro. Formerly known as Phoretix 1D Pro.

How CLIQS 1D PRO software works

Compare lanes from multiple gels and experiments. It allows a completely flexible approach to matching. Each individual lane can be compared to any other lane within the database. The results of matching across many gels can be presented as a dendrogram or tables that show all the band and lane similarities.

Lanes from multiple gels and experiments can be compared.

Identify lane relationships across many experiments. Clustering lanes using dendrograms, allows you to the study the relationships between lanes stored in the database. These dendrograms are easy to create from the match results. Once built, the dendrogram is scalable and fully interactive, to allow a flexible presentation of lane relationships. The dendrogram also allows you to create groups of related lanes that can then be reported on in a cluster table.

Lane clustering allows relationships to be identified.

Classify unknown samples. Lanes containing unknown samples can be identified and classified against a defined reference library of identified samples. Maintenance of the library is very straightforward and it can be easily shared with co-workers to facilitate collaboration on large projects.

Identify and classify unknown samples using a reference library

All common image formats can be analysed. Maximise the use of image capture instruments you already have in your lab.

CLIQS 1D Pro, formerly Phoretix 1D Pro, is vendor independent. All common image formats can be analysed.


Easy to use

Our tools are designed with you in mind. Each program mode clearly shows all the options available and editing is straight forward.

Easy to use software for all level of researcher.

Fast, automated analysis

Automated analysis for detecting lanes, bands and band matching speed up your work and make your results less subjective. Automatic background subtraction options account for image noise.

Fast and automated analysis options for individual gels prior to database creation

Data Export and Reports

The latest Clip Gallery tool provides a simple way to capture publication quality images (300 dpi) as you move through the software. All tables, images, results are exportable in a variety of formats.

Export all data in high quality for reports and posters.

World Class Support

All products come with a year’s free support. We aim to reply to any support queries you have within 24hrs and provide a fast turnaround of updates and fixes.

World class technical and analytical support direct from the experts who developed the software.



Analysis Features

Image pre-processing

  • Invert colours
  • Flip, crop and rotate
  • Optimise contrast and brightness
Image preprocessing prior to analysis

1D Gel Automation

  • Automatic analysis with Protocols – saved parameters for repeat analysis
Automated analysis of individual protein, DNA or RNA gels.

Basic 1D gel quantification

  • Automatic and manual lane creation
  • Add grimaces to account for band distortion
  • Multi-tier analysis
  • 8 methods of Background subtraction to remove noise tailored to your gels
  • Automatic Band Detection with easy to use editing
  • Molecular Size calibration

Advanced 1D gel quantification

  • Profile Deconvolution : Fit Gaussian curves to profile
  • 4 methods of Quantity Calibration to assign known quantified values to bands
  • Normalise the band volumes

1D multiplex quantification

  • Create and load multiplex gels from up to 4 channel images
  • Propagate Molecular Size results across channels
  • Normalise using Housekeeping proteins/genes
  • Normalise using Total Protein Normalisation
up to 4 channel multiplex images analysed.

Database Management

  • Add multiple gel data to a database.
  • Many databases can be created
  • Information fields can be added for every lane as text, numeric or dates.

Lane Set Management

  • Manage different lane sets within single database
  • Query sets for lane name or any of the lane information fields
  • Combine sets using Boolean logic
Create and manage sets of lanes within a database.

1D Lane comparison

  • Calibrate Rf of lanes to adjust for gel smiling
  • Analysis of multiple gels to identify and compare banding patterns via Rf measurements
  • Edit bands and match results to account for small running errors
  • Create, load and save band classes to match against known patterns
  • Band Matrix and Lane similarity results table
  • 7 similarity coefficients for table display and dendrogram creation including Dice and Jaccard
Rf calibration allows accurate comparison of all lanes across multiple gels.

Dendogram Creation

  • Create dendrograms from matching data or profile comparisons
  • Choice of algorithms to generate dendrograms:
    • UPGMA
    • Complete Linkage
    • Single Linkage
    • Ward
    • WPGMA
  • Adjustable cut off line to create lane cluster groups
  • Cophenetic Correlation on clusters
Create dendrograms for identification of matches and clusters of samples.

Classification of unknown samples against Library

  • Creation of a user defined library of known samples and respective banding patterns from multiple gels
  • Comparison of unknown samples to this library to identify the closest known sample
Exportation of reports and all data in a high quality format

Exploring and Results

  • Wide range of data fields to display in measurements tables
  • Export and Print all image and table results
  • Annotate images
  • 3D view of image
  • Clip Gallery to capture publication quality images
  • PDF Reports for 1D gel analysis