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Bespoke software development for pharmaceutical & biotech sectors

As the pharmaceutical and biotech industry grows and collaborates, you need your software to meet challenges across all of your research sites and to deliver the results you need. All too often, the creation of effective software is restricted by lack of integration with your individual sites or your specific software processes.

We have addressed complex and business-essential problems for companies considered the founders of the biotech industry. Which means you only need one project, aimed to address all your critical needs.

Common reasons why companies choose a software partner

Drive more automation in the lab

Designed to increase speed and produce consistently accurate and reliable results. Eliminating data handing user errors and reducing process steps.

Integration with existing processes

Unique functionalities and integration with operation processes and users.

Accountability in GMP/GLP environments

Immediate improvement in compliance, integrity and security for FDA 21 CFR regulations.

Maximising efficiency

Tailored to your processes you can reduce time-to-learning and increase efficiency..

Recent work

Building software for the founders of the biotech industry

Creating an automated image analysis and reporting system for 1D gel electrophoresis.

Building a 21 CFR system for a global pharma database

1D gel electrophoresis 21 CFR solution including data migration for a leading immunotherapy company.

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