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Image Analysis Resources Library

A collection of educational articles and videos with the idea of sharing know-how, methods and tools with the scientific community.

How Imaging Effects Your Quantitative Gel Analysis

It will save further questions around “is my analysis quantitative?” or “why aren’t all my spots detected?”

(hint: analysing 8-bit JPEG images won’t give you accurate results).

Maintaining Reproducibility in HCP Coverage Analysis using 2D Gel and Western blots

Good image analysis will maximize the output of your HCP coverage experiment.

Who is this for? Analytical, QA/QC, process, bioassay or biologic development researchers.

Image Integrity and Processing For Gel and Western blots

When preparing a gel or blot image for use in scientific publications some adjustments to the image are considered appropriate.

However to avoid accidental image manipulation, we outline the image processing best practices for presenting images with integrity.

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