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2D gel HCP coverage software for analytical, biologic development and bioprocess improvement

SpotMap solves the common problems you face in 2D gel electrophoresis vs Western blot analysis for HCP coverage such as no reproducibility in results between users, hours of unnecessary spot matching and lack of confidence in the percentage coverage results.

SpotMap is easy to use and gives you fast, reproducible results regardless of software expertise.

  • Speed. Typical ideas of the percentage coverage in less than 10 minutes.
  • Objectivity. Unmatched automation reduces the need for manual intervention.
  • Reproducible. Evidence of consistent coverage results between different users and labs.

Over 30+ major biopharmaceutical companies use SpotMap for:


HCP Coverage Analysis:

Host cell protein (HCP) and anti-HCP antibody characterization via 2D gels and Western blots.

Bioprocess Improvement:

Assess the purification of biologic production through comparison of multiple 2D gels.

Analytical Development:

Developing process-specific immunoassays for use in host cell protein (HCP) analysis of new biologics and biosimilars.

Generate extensive data-driven insights

We believe it is important to give scientists the tools to view their data from a variety of perspectives.

SpotMap makes it possible to pull new insights from images and allows scientists to generate the most complete results to date for bioprocess development.



HCP Analysis Software Showing No Anti-HCP to Product Cross-Reactivity
HCP Percentage Coverage Software Calculation

Submit results with ease and confidence

Intuitive algorithms and an easy-to-use interface allow life science researchers to obtain an accurate idea of coverage in less than 10 minutes and a reproducible coverage calculation in less than an hour.

Studies have shown that new users produce objective results with minimal training and maintain consistency in coverage calculations (less than 10% variation).

Highly automated 2D WB analysis

Combining the speed, flexibility and unmatched automation to get better, more objective results.

No other software allows such advanced automation to achieve reproducible antibody-to-HCP coverage.

Antibody to HCP coverage software automation

What’s new?

SpotMap is always improving so you can get better, more objective results. We roll out new versions in response to the pharmaceutical industry and our biopharma customer requests. Below are just some of the new features in the latest version of SpotMap that industry leaders have asked for (we think you’ll agree).

Advanced automation: We’ve addressed your need for more automatic functions and introduced new features and upgraded our algorithms to create unmatched automation for your 2D WB analysis to achieve reproducible results.

HCP antibody reactivity: We’ve built new tools to verify your HCP antibody reactivity (without any additional setup). This tool helps researchers have a more complete understanding of the antigen quality.

Identify cross-reactivity: Cross-reactivity interferes with accurate measurement of HCP coverage. Quickly visualise any suspected cross-reactivity in under 30 seconds.

21 CFR part 11 tool support: Future proof your analysis results –  by tracking, recording and authenticating your experiments. Speak to us about your regulatory needs.

“SpotMap played an integral role in our comparison of proteomes of different cell lines during the process of choosing a proper antigen for antibody development. The ability to overlay gels and assign numbers to each protein spot was especially useful in determining similarities and differences between gels without duplicating identified spots. One feature that I found to be especially useful was the 3D view which allowed for a better visual of spot intensity when determining spots. The table of identified spot for each image also made it easy to identify which spots are unique or common to the different images. With this software, my team was able to make a more informed choice on the best candidate to use for our purposes.”

Virginia Liu-Compton

Research Associate @ Immunogen

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HCP Analysis FAQ’s

Is it compatible with my imager/gel documentation system?

SpotMap is compatible with most imaging/gel documentation systems.

Can I compare different spot patterns found between my 2D gels and Western blots?


Alignment is a key feature within SpotMap designed to overcome the challenges seen when trying to compare 2D gels and Western blots. It removes positional variation between images and allows direct comparisons of spots present on different images to be made.

What image formats can I use?

It supports most industry-standard file formats, such as, JPG, PNG, GEL, MEL, TIFF, with both 8-bit and 16-bit.

How much variability would you see between users?

Results obtained from our reports showed users were within a range of 10% of each other, when using the most challenging images. Users were in a range of 2% of each other when using easy data sets.