Fast and reproducible 2D gel and Western blot analysis software.

What is SpotMap?

SpotMap is unique and easy-to-use software specifically designed for analysis of HCP (host cell protein) coverage for biologic product characterisation, process development/optimisation and HCP antibody assay & impurity profiling.

The software has been developed in line with customer and industry feedback. SpotMap is easy to master, with results obtained quickly and reproducibly.

SpotMap is perfect for:

  • Monitoring clearance of specific HCPs through process development.
  • Measuring percentage coverage of an anti-HCP antibody immunoblot compared to the total protein 2D gel.
  • Comparing potential host cell lines.
  • Helping you to comply with regulations and requirements in production of biologic drug products.

SpotMap played an integral role in our comparison of proteomes of different cell lines during the process of choosing a proper antigen for antibody development. […] With this software, my team was able to make a more informed choice on the best candidate to use for our purposes.

Virginia Liu-Compton

Research Associate 2, ImmunoGen Inc.

We have had real difficulty matching reactions on blots to the corresponding areas on the gels. With our previous technology it genuinely wasn’t possible so adding the SpotMap software to our facility has helped greatly. […] Once we had the images put through SpotMap software it corresponded to areas that personally I would have never matched, which ended up being the correct areas.

Craig Pattinson

Research Technician, Proteomics Aberdeen University

Welcome to SpotMap - Your essential tool for host cell protein coverage analysis.

Why choose SpotMap?

SpotMap overcomes many of the challenges faced in analysis of 2D gels and Western blots.

  • SpotMap measures HCP coverage by calculating the relative percentage of protein present in the Western blot compared to the 2D total protein gel.
  • Images are automatically quality checked and issues are clearly identified when uploaded to the software, giving you confidence in your results.
  • Alignment allows corresponding spots and blot features to be identified in the same coordinate space.
  • Spot detection is automated, reducing the subjectivity of results.
  • Reproducible and reliable results can be easily obtained

The software is easy to use with a simple and quick workflow, analysis of HCP coverage can be completed in less than one day!

 Examples and evidence of SpotMap in use

Poster presented at WCBP: Inter-user and Inter-lab varitation when using SpotMap
Inter-user and inter-lab variation. This poster, originally presented at the WCBP 2016 conference, demonstrates the variation experienced between users with a range of training.

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Read the views of Aberdeen proteomics

What our existing customers say:

The proteomics team at Aberdeen University have recently purchased SpotMap. See what their thoughts are here.

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SpotMap has a simple to use workflow

SpotMap has a simple and flexible workflow which allows you to create a master spot map and identify spot presence and absence.

Images: Each image has a quality check that looks at a range of features. This gives an instant visual check and confidence in the data being analysed.
Image upload and editing screen
Analysis: Create the master spot map followed by categorising spots as present or  absent to identify spots of interest and calculate percentage coverage.
Main image analysis screen to calculate percent coverage
Alignment: Accurately compare images by removing the positional variation introduced during the experimental process.
Remove positional variation between 2D gels and Western blots
Results and Data Access: View the top line results for coverage and spot numbers for the whole image and spot sets. Export all data from the analysis by simple drag and drop into folders, presentations and reports.
View spot counts and percentage coverage

Key features of SpotMap

To accurately and reproducibly compare images SpotMap has two key features:

  1. Alignment to remove positional variation between the images.
  2. A single spot map which identifies the location of all spots on all images in the analysis.

There are many other features of SpotMap which make analysis quick and simple.  Including:

  • Image editor to crop and rotate images prior to analysis.
  • Filters to objectively select spots.
  • See the spot map overlaid in the alignment to simplify the positioning of spots.
  • View images and edits live in 3D.
  • Export all data quickly and easily from the analysis via data access.


SpotMap gives you the features you need for 2D gel vs Western blot analysis.

Can I calculate spot coverage?


Based upon the categorisation of spots, percentage coverage of one image vs another is calculated.

Can I check my image quality?


When adding images to the project they are checked for quality and any issues/notes are highlighted for you.

Can I edit my images?


If your images require minor changes (flipping etc.) then you can edit them within the software without changing the original images.

Can I account for Gel/Blot distortions?


Alignment makes it possible to accurately compare images by removing the positional variation introduced during the gel running, blotting and imaging process.

Can I export results?


All the data from the project can be easily exported from the program using the Data Access window or using the clipboard functions. .csv files of the numerical data are easily exported for all spots on all images, or for selected spots only. Images can be exported by copy and paste or exported as a .png file.

Can I identify spots of interest?


Spots are categorised as present or absent during the analysis, this allows spots Common, Additional and Missing from an image comparison to be easily identified.

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Support packages

Available with SpotMap are technical and analytical support packages.

Technical support:

Having technical issues? Contact our dedicated support team who will solve your query as quick as possible. Also included are any updates and bug fixes for the length of the support contract.

Analytical support:

Need some training? Do you want some advice on your latest analysis? Our analytical support team will be able to answer any questions you have about using the software and provide training for the length of the support contract.

Why should I upgrade to SpotMap?

Development of process specific immunoassays to determine immunogenic contamination is a regulatory requirement for production of biologics. 2D gel and Western blot comparison is the current best practice in measuring host cell protein contamination.

Other 2D analysis software packages are available. However, these were developed for differential expression analysis, not HCP coverage. Only SpotMap has been developed for HCP coverage analysis.

See what SpotMap can do for you

PC Specification:

Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
Recommended minimum: 4 GB RAM.
Performance is dependant on image file sizes.

SpotMap supports multi-core CPUs and 64-bit versions of Windows which are recommended for maximum performance.


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