Are you interested to see what SpotMap can do for you?

Are you comparing your images by eye?

Are you using an external contractor to analyse and perform your anti-HCP antibody characterisation?

Book a demonstration to find out more about SpotMap.


To demonstrate SpotMap we can have a teleconference meeting with you and your team. From here at TotalLab we will have our in house experts on hand to answer any questions you have on the software.

Do you have some images you have already analysed?
If you would like to see how SpotMap can be used to analyse your own data you can send your own images to us for use in the demonstration.

Want to try it out for yourself?
After the demonstration we can give you a two week trial of the software. If you have any questions throughout the trial just drop us an email. We aim to respond to any queries within 24 hours Monday – Friday.

How do I book a demonstration?
Simply fill out the form opposite. If you would like us to use your own images please tick the box and we will send you a link to securely share these files. Any questions? Just ask.

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