SpotMap has a simple yet flexible workflow which produces objective and reliable results from analysis of 2D gels and Western blots.

The simplicity of the software allows easy analysis of multiple images of any combination of 2D gels and Western blots.

SpotMap has a simple and flexible workflow

Images   •   Analysis   •   Align   •   Results   •   Data Access


Images are uploaded to the project in the images mode. Minor edits and image quality checks are made prior to starting the project. Quick edit tools are available to invert, flip and crop the images underneath each image. A full image editor is available for more complex edits. Each image is given a quick label of A, B, C, etc. Images are easily rearranged and re-labelled if necessary.

Images are automatically quality checked when uploaded to the software to highlight anything to note prior to commencing analysis


Analysis mode is the main window within the program where the master spot map is created, relative percentage coverage is calculated and spots of interest are identified. The master spot map is created by automatically detecting spots followed by any edits required using the tools available. Spots on each image are categorised as present or absent from the map, identified by different colours. From the presence/absence settings of each image the percentage coverage is calculated vs a chosen base image.  Spots are also identified as common, additional or missing from the comparison between a given image and the selected base image.

90% of the analysis is completed within a single mode, from spot detection, pattern editing and coverage recording.


Alignment removes the positional variation introduced between images during the gel running, Western blotting and image capture processes.

The alignment target is selected in the top right corner. Each image is manually or automatically aligned to the target in turn. A combination of both methods may be required.

Alignment is in a window outside of the analysis screen, it can be opened at any point in the analysis to create an alignment or to update/modify an alignment.

Image alignment allows spots from different images to be based in the same coordinate space


The results mode provides an overview of the coverage and spot numbers of each image compared to the base image. A colour coded heat map identifies the location of spots Missing, Common or Additional.

To view the comparison in more detail, selecting “view comparison” will open the base and chosen image in the analysis mode. The complex colour scheme will be used to identify those spots common, additional, missing and absent in this comparison.

Results are clearly presented fro the whole image, or for spot sets.

Data Access

Data Access provides all the results, parameters and data of the project in one location for easy exportation into reports and presentations. It is accessed from the file menu.

The information within the Data Access is grouped into the sub sets of Results, Images, Analysis Parameters, Other Info and Manual. All information can be added to reports and presentations by dragging and dropping or using the copy icon and pasting. Images and csv files can be exported directly into folders on the computer.

Export all information in the analysis from the data access tool, found in the file menu.

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