Completing alignment in SpotMap

When you start to align your images, you will be met with the question: Have I finished Alignment and can I move on to the next step? In SpotMap, you can go into the Alignment window at any stage of your analysis. Let’s get started with learning when you have finished aligning your images.

Check you have updated the Alignment

There will be a button shaped like a block dot that will update the alignment as you add vectors, make sure you press this to show you how your changes look in real time.

Visually check your images

In the alignment window, if spots are aligned correctly, the spots should look black.

Check the transition window

The window alternates between the unaligned and the align image in the same space on each image. If alignment is finished you should see a pulsating image with minimal movement.

Check the checkerboard window

This view shows alternating squares of each image. If you have completed alignment it should show an almost complete image. However if your images are too different or spots are scarce on the blot image this window may not visualize a complete image at all.

The following video shows you how to use these tips in the software with a real gel and blot image.

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