Version Control - Capabilities

settings_remote Client/server architecture provides air-tight gap between users and secured data

360 Exclusive check-in / check-out workflow to prevent conflicting edits

playlist_add_check Complete audit trail logging every action against user and timestamp

lock Fully immutable whole-project snapshot for every checkin

supervised_user_circle Peer / Supervisor / Self approvals. Self-approval requires explicit opt-in permission.

switch_camera All project interactions, including read-only views, are logged in the audit trail to prevent untracked copies of your data

thumb_up QC workflow to prevent analysis before image quality/calibration is approved

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Typical Workflow

1. Sign In

Those with user access can log-in to Version Control using their electronic signatures.

2. Commit images

Create a new project by uploading image(s) into the system.

3. Check-out project

Check-out the project for secure analysis. While checked out, only you have access to the project.

4. Analyse the data

Perform analysis using CLIQS 1D or SpotMap.

5. Check-in project

Once you are happy with the analysis, check your project back in. The project becomes available for further check-outs, or sign-off by authorised users.

6. Sign off

Individuals with correct privileges can 'sign-off' the project. This prevents any further analysis of this image and marks it as 'complete'.

7. View audit trails

The image history, data audit report and user access history report can be accessed from the Version Control module via PDF for download for those with administrative privileges. All project history is shown from the dashboard for further transparency.

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