CLIQS Gel Image Analysis Software

All of your essential image analysis software in one simple, easy-to-use package.

  • 1D gel image analysis of your DNA, RNA and protein samples including Western blot analysis with loading controls
  • High-density DNA and protein arrays
  • Colony counting and basic 2D spot measurement
  • General feature-based image analysis toolbox
  • 21 CFR Part 11 version for your GMP/GLP requirements

Fast, easy-to-use data analysis

Analysis of our Western Blots was performed in approximately 30 seconds using the fully automated process. The program is easy to navigate; analyses were performed with confidence by myself and by graduate students after a five minute demonstration

Dr Roz Jenkins

Principal Experimental Officer, Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology, Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK

Confidence in reporting your results

  • Rapid and accurate measurements even from low quality images
  • Automatic algorithms reduce subjectivity and increase speed of analysis
  • Easy to use interface from opening the image to reporting



Your perfect lab partner is CLIQS because…

  • You get all your core laboratory image quantification tools in one easy to use software package.
  • It works with latest Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8 and 10 on laptops or desktop computers
  • Continual development based on feedback from thousands of customers around the world
  • We always reply within 24 hours of receiving a support question from you, answered personally by the people who actually develop your software
  • You’re not tied to one hardware supplier, it works with all common image formats, scanners and gel doc systems

Examples of CLIQS features being used in laboratories around the world

Loading controls for multiplex analysis of Western blots.

Accurate and reliable measurement of protein expression with Western blots requires optimisation and control of multiple steps. CLIQS offers you two common normalisation methods to overcome any technical variation you introduce from sample handling, running 1D SDS PAGE gels and imaging: 1. House-keeping proteins (HKP) 2. Total protein normalisation (TPN) The graph shows an increase in signal achieved by normalising the target protein compared to the results with no normalisation of the target protein signal.

In the example on the left a house-keeping protein GAPDH (green) is measured in one channel and used to normalise a dilution series for a protein of interest in a second channel (red). The graph shows an increase in signal achieved by normalising the target protein compared to the results with no normalisation of the target protein signal.

1D Western blots to validate proteomics discoveries by mass spectrometry.

Western blots are a common way to validate published proteomics discoveries. In this case CLIQS was applied to interpret subtle, rapid changes in post-translational modifications (PTMs) measured by iTRAQ with limited sample and time while accounting for inter-experimental variation. As part of a case study the benefits CLIQS gave were:

  • Effortless lane and band detection with absolute measurements rather than relative quantities
  • Precise background subtraction allowing accurate quantitation of band material.
  • New user trained in 5 minutes to do analysis of 16 blots in a quarter of the time compared to competitor software.

1D Gel Image Analysis Workflow

CLIQS is a simple affordable software to analyse separation and quantification of your DNA, RNA and protein samples including multiplex western blots. You can import a wide range of image file formats, see the results on the raw image and record the measurements in exportable data tables as you apply each of the steps here.

Image pre-processing

  • Invert colours
  • Flip, crop and rotate.
  • Optimise contrast and brightness

Basic 1D gel quantification

  • Automatic and manual lane creation
  • Background subtraction to remove noise
  • Detect bands automatically
  • Molecular Size calculation

Advanced 1D gel quantification

  • Gaussian fit to bands.
  • Quantity Calibration
  • Normalisation using bands, lanes and loading controls for multiplex gels

Compare lanes across gel image

  • Rf calibration
  • Single gel lane matching
  • Band Matrix table
  • Dendrogram creation

Export and share results

  • Annotate image
  • 3D view
  • Clip Gallery to capture publication quality images
  • PDF analysis reports
  • Export data tables to Excel









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