SpotMap - host cell protein coverage analysis software

A complete solution for analysing HCP coverage with 2D gel electrophoresis and Western blot images

Our SpotMap software, first launched to market in 2015, is now the leading software for host cell protein (HCP) coverage analysis.

This is because it’s able to resolve many of the common issues often faced in HCP coverage analysis, such as:

  • No reproducibility in results between users
  • Hours spent in unnecessary spot matching
  • A lack of confidence in percentage results

We work closely with the biopharma industry and act on feedback to continuously ensure that our SpotMap software enables users to monitor HCP impurities and reach their coverage requirements.

The benefits to your host cell protein analysis

We use intuitive algorithms, and easy-to-use interface, to enable users to obtain an accurate picture of coverage in around 10 minutes.

This – combined with advance automation – enables users to achieve reproducible antibody to host cell protein coverage, even across different users and labs. It provides reliable, accurate quantitation of gel and blot images so that you can achieve objective results.

Users are also able to verify host cell protein antibody reactivity, giving you a more complete understanding of the antigen quality.

If you’re looking for software to support HCP coverage analysis, make bioprocess improvements or achieve analytical development then request a free demo of SpotMap. You’ll receive guidance on how to achieve reproducible results, tips for aligning challenging gels and western blots and knowledge on the software tools to use on more challenging images, such as faint spots.

SpotMap played an integral role in our comparison of proteomes of different cell lines during the process of choosing a proper antigen for antibody development. The ability to overlay gels and assign numbers to each protein spot was especially useful in determining similarities and differences between gels without duplicating identified spots.

Industry User

Report with confidence

Using our software you can view your data from a variety of perspectives with efficiency, investigate and visualise any suspected cross-reactivity and future proof your analysis results with our Version Control integration.

21 CFR part 11 regulations stipulate the need to track, record and authenticate your experiments. With our Version Control software as an add-on, you’re able to monitor system access, record user activity and ensure compliance with FDA regulation. You can read more here.

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