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Do you have a question on how to use one of our products? Contact the team directly, on the form below, we’re always happy to answer questions and help our customers get the most out of our software. And we aim to provide a prompt reply.

But, before you do ask us please do take a look at our FAQ and Resources page as we may already have the answer for you!

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Are you looking for training or technical support?

If you have a new team member joining or maybe you’re new to our software, we can offer training and resource sharing.

We can also provide advice on best practice when undertaking analysis with our software. Perhaps you’re looking for guidance on getting publication perfect images or guidance additional analytical features?

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Which products can I get technical and analytical support for?

As of January 2018 we offer technical and analytical support for the following products:

Product Version OS
CLIQS V1.0+ Windows 10
CLIQS 1D Pro V1.0+ Windows 10
CLIQS 1D 21CFR V1.2+ Windows 10
SpotMap V3.0+ Windows 10
SameSpots V4.6+ Windows 10

Have a support question?

If you have a support question on using our software either as a customer or a trial user please use the below form to explain your question. We aim to provide a timely response and an initial response within 24 hours. If you’re a customer and your request is urgent please get in touch directly using the contact details you would have been provided with.


    SameSpots 2D Image Analysis Software | Tutorial Series | 2D Image Quality Control

    This video will show you the tools that are built directly into SameSpots to critically evaluate the quality of your 2D images.

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    SameSpots 2D Image Analysis Software | Tutorial Series | Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Spots

    This video guides users through the statistical analysis of spots within 2D gels and blots using our SameSpots software.

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    SameSpots 2D Image Analysis Software | Tutorial Series | How to Align Images (Automatic & Manual)

    This video outlines how SameSpots's next-generation image alignment algorithm is utilised to perfectly align 2D gel and blot images for statistical analysis in proteomic work.

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    CLIQS 1D Image Analysis Software | Tutorial Series | How to Analyse Lateral Flow Tests

    This video will show you how you can obtain quantifiable data from lateral flow tests using CLIQS.

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    Problem solving with SpotMap

    Our guide covers some of the problems you can overcome when using our SpotMap software. It provides an introduction to key features, image QC, image analysis and details on the analysis element of the software.

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    A guide to using SameSpots

    Discover the key steps of the SameSpots workflow and how it allows you to analyse 2D gels with any type of staining.

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