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We combine decades of image analysis software expertise and an innovative, industry-led approach to provide support on improving workflow analysis.

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By working in collaboration with our clients, industry and distributors we’re able to develop software that is in line with changing requirements and standards, including regulatory changes.

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SameSpots is user-friendly and straightforward. Therefore, the analysis is 4x faster compared to the competitor software. The minimal user intervention that is necessary to perform the analysis speeds up the process and ensures reproducibility of the results independent of the individual user. SameSpots will enable us to set up a rapid 2D gel analysis workflow to generate exact and highly reproducible data in our lab.

Dr Katja Schlink
- Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Laimburg, Italy

SpotMap played an integral role in our comparison of proteomes of different cell lines during the process of choosing a proper antigen for antibody development. The ability to overlay gels and assign numbers to each protein spot was especially useful in determining similarities and differences between gels without duplicating identified spots.

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Based in the UK but operating globally, our team is available to discuss ways in which you can improve processes, conduct more reliable image analysis, conform to specific regulations and deliver results and images that are report production ready.

Because we work so closely with industry, we quickly identified the need to develop a solution that would enable our customers to be compliant with 21 CFR part 11 regulations. The rule defines criteria under which electronic records and electronic signatures must be stored and accessed.

Since then, we have developed the solution further so that it can be utilised by a wide range of companies. To find out more about 21 CFR part 11 compliance and our software solution Version Control click here.

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