SameSpots 2D Image Analysis Software | Tutorial Series | How to Align Images (Automatic & Manual)

This video outlines how SameSpots’s next-generation image alignment algorithm is utilised to perfectly align 2D gel and blot images for statistical analysis in proteomic work.

Gain confidence in your 2D gel alignment within SameSpots with our alignment tutorial video.

This video answers the following questions:

  • How do I align my images in SpotMap?
  • How can I be confident in my alignment?

1:04 – How to automatically align 2D images in Samespots

4:10 – How to use SameSpots to manually align 2D images

7:39 – How to use SpotMap to check for accurate image Alignment

SameSpots uses pixel-level alignment to correct for the geometric distortions inherent in using 2D gels. Competing software relies on ‘warping’ algorithms to compensate for gel distortion. Published data ( proves this older technology cannot deliver 100% spot matching and creates missing values in your data without investing significant resources to correct the results. Independent research reported that SameSpots reduces the number of missing values (

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