SameSpots 2D Image Analysis Software | Tutorial Series | Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Spots

This video guides users through the statistical analysis of spots within 2D gels and Western blots using our SameSpots software.

By using the statistical tests and tools built directly into SameSpots, users can very quickly identify changes in protein expression within their gel and Western blot images and tag those for further investigation.

SameSpots matches all detected spots across all images simultaneously and has been proven to do so with lower variance than other 2D analysis software within the field (…) which is crucial to detecting statistically significant differences in expression.

00:52 – How to use quick tags to label spots of interest

03:20 – How to view your spots in 3D

04:16 – How to determine expression fold change of spots between gels/blots

06:50 – How to manually add, remove, split or merge spots across all gels/blots

10:25 – How to read the statistical output of SameSpots (principal component analysis, dendrograms, expression profiles)

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